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Grain exports in containers from Kazakhstan to China increased by 70 percent a year

Kazakhstan has in 2022 delivery of grain goods in containers to China increased by 70%. Overall, rail freight traffic between Kazakhstan and China in 2022 was more than 23 million tons, surpassing the historical maximum. The growth until 2021 was 15%. This was reported in the press service of the national society of KTJ.

Exports from Kazakhstan increased by 17% over the year. In addition to grain cargoes, there was an increase in the transport of iron ore (+17%), colored ore (+45%), ferrous metals (+6%) and other goods in containers.

As stated in the KTJ, high scores were achieved through the coordinated work of the railway workers of both countries.

In view of the increasing demand for goods heading to China, measures are being taken to accelerate the development of railway infrastructure. In order to ensure the smooth transportation of domestic products and to develop the country's transit potential, construction of the second routes on the Dostyk – Myynty section began in November last year. After the implementation of the project, the capacity of the site will increase fivefold (from 12 pairs of freight trains to 60 pairs per day). A feasibility study for the construction of the third railway border crossing Ayagoz - Bahta is currently being prepared.

Source: Eldala (Kazakhstan)

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