Barley of the new crop in the south of Russia has lost a price of about 18 €/ton in one week

In the south of Russia there has been a sharp drop in prices for this year's feed barley crop since last week.

The pace of the harvest campaign remains high due to favorable weather conditions and average barley yields continue to be higher than last year, which has served as a key factor in price pressure. The further weakening of the US dollar on the Moscow stock exchange also contributed to the fall in prices. However, the information about the forthcoming translation of export duties on grain causes farmers not to hurry to start the delivery of Barley at fixed prices in the hope that these changes can support prices in the domestic market.

If last week the price of barley of the new crop in the southern federal district of Russia amounted to 230,60-253,90 €/ton, on June 29 processors and cattle breeders mainly report the readiness of this crop for prices in the range of 211-232 € /ton, in seaports purchase prices exporters mostly form 229-239 €/ton.

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