Export prices of Ukrainian barley crop-2022 increased by another 20 USD/t

Last week on the Ukrainian forward market for Feed barley, the trend of growth of indicative prices continued.

The most important influencing factors on the price situation remained unchanged. In particular, the forecast for the reduction of grain production in Ukraine in 2022/23, the threat of further reduction due to active hostilities and their consequences, low transition remainders, concerns about the production of this crop in the EU and similar price dynamics in the wheat sector were supported.

It should be noted that, according to Ukrhydrometeocenter, the condition of crops of crops as a whole is marked as good and excellent according to visual assessment. However, reports of a certain slowdown in plant development against the background of moderately warm, windy, and sometimes cool weather and the lack of significant precipitation offset this factor.

So the indicative offer prices for Feed barley of the future harvest in the last week by an average of 20 USD/Tonne and reached 330-355 USD/ton.

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