rapeseed field

Strategie Grains experts have lowered their forecast for EU oil production for 2022/23

The experts of the consulting company Strategie Grains have the prognosis for the oilseed harvest reduced in the EU for 2022/23, while the estimated area under cultivation remained unchanged.

In particular, the prognosis for the canola production reduced from the previous 19,51 million tons to 19,47 million tons (+14,5% per year) with a yield of 3,35 tons/hectare (+3,9%), growing from 5 million hectares (+ 81%) is to be harvested.

For Sunflowers the harvest forecast was reduced from 9,18 to 8,99 million tons (-12,6% per year) with a yield of 1,76 tons/hectare (-24,1%), growing from 5,1 million hectares (+ 15,1%) is to be harvested.

In bezug auf Soybean production is projected at 2,39 million tons (-11% per year) versus the previously expected 2,41 million tons. The yield is forecast at 2,2 tons/hectare (the previous estimate is 2,22 tons/hectare; -21,7% per year). The acreage is expected to be 1,08 million hectares (+ 13,6% per year).

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