The European Union has exported less than 2022 million tonnes of wheat since the beginning of 23/10

EU countries increased their wheat exports to 3 thousand last week between October 9rd and 407th Tonnen compared to 201 thousand tons increased, although the grain deliveries slowed down overall compared to last season.

In particular, EU countries have 2022 million tons since the beginning of 23/9,8 Wheat exported, which is worse in the same period last season (10,02 million tons). A few weeks ago, grain exports were still above the previous year's value.

The main quantities Wheat were shipped from France - 3,6 million tons, Romania - 1,4 million tons and Germany - 1,1 million tons. According to experts from the European Commission, Algeria (1,3 million tons; -17% per year), Morocco (1,1 million tons), Egypt (925 thousand tons; -2%), Nigeria (796 thousand tons; + 49%) and Pakistan (489 thousand tons; +85%) among the main export areas.

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