The European Union has increased its rapeseed imports by 1 million tons this season

According to estimates by experts from the European Commission, between December 26 and January 1, countries increased their rapeseed imports to 180 thousand Tonnen increased, compared to 99,7 thousand tons in the previous week.

The most important quantities of oil were bought by Germany (70.000 tons) and Spain (54.000 tons) last week.

In total, the EU countries have 1 million tons since the beginning of this year (as of January 3,73st). Rapeseeds imported, which is 1 million tons more than in the same period last season (2,7 million tons).

It is noted that oil shipments from Ukraine increased to 2022 million tons in 23/2,4 compared to 1,5 million tons in the same period of the previous season, from Australia to 1,05 (0,53) million tons. On the other hand, shipments of Canadian crops decreased to 136 (419) thousand tons.

Source: oleoscope (Russian)

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