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The European Union has increased exports of wheat and corn in 2021/22

The EU Commission estimates that EU countries have increased their wheat exports to 2021 million tons by 22/27,46, which is 7% more than the value of the previous season (25,7 million tons).

In particular, according to experts, France has 8,27 million tons in the past season Wheat exported, Romania 6,38 million tons, Germany 3,88 million tons, Bulgaria 3,27 million tons. In addition, according to the results of the year, Lithuania shipped 1,71 million tons to foreign markets, Latvia 1,5 million tons, and Poland 1,4 million tons Grains.

Regarding the main shipments of European wheat, Algeria imported 4,89 million tons, but below the value of the 2020/21 season (5,82 million tons), Egypt 2,72 million tons (1,07), Nigeria 2,23 million tons (2,35), China 2,12 million tons (1,76) and Morocco 1,93 million tons (2,22).

Also note that in 2021/22 EU countries significantly increased the export of durum wheat to 976 thousand tons, which is almost double the previous year's result (476 thousand tons), of which Italy exported 332 thousand tons, Spain 252 thousand tons.

Analysts noted the largest increase in exports from the countries of the bloc opposite Corn – 5,99 million tons – compared to 2,83 million tons in 2020/21, that is an annual increase of 112%. At the same time, the bulk of export deliveries (72%) were provided with grain from Romania - 4,29 million tons. The top five export destinations for European corn are Iran (1,2 million tons), Egypt (966 thousand tons), Great Britain (775 thousand tons), South Korea (739 thousand tons) and Turkey (442 thousand tons).

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