sunflower field

The European Union is increasing exports of sunflower processing products

In recent months, EU countries have increased their imports of Sunflower seeds significantly increased, which in turn has contributed to an increase in exports of processed products, report the experts from Oil World.

Specifically, in June and July this year, EU countries imported almost 700.000 tons of sunflowers (compared to 28.000 tons in the same period last year), of which 604.000 tons were imported from Ukraine, 51.000 tons from Moldova and 28.000 tons from Argentina. In turn, the largest amounts of oil are currently bought by Bulgaria (392 thousand tons) and Romania (127 thousand tons).

Because of this, exports of sunflower meal, as noted by analysts, have increased significantly in some countries. In particular, Bulgaria increased shipments of the product to 179 thousand tons, which was mainly exported to China, but also to France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries of the bloc.

For example, in June and July this year, EU countries exported 247.000 tons of scrap compared to 99.000 tons last year during this period, of which 142.000 tons were shipped to China.

Was die Preise betrifft, so sind sie seit Mai dieses Jahres auf dem europäischen Markt für Sonnenblumenöl auf der Basis von FOB allmählich gesunken, während sie im letzten Monat mehr als $200 pro Tonne verloren haben und am 26. September $1260 pro Tonne gegenüber $1522 pro Tonne im August beliefen.

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