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EU countries have a hard time replacing Ukrainian sunflower oil

EU countries will be able to reach a record high in sunflower processing in 2021/2022 due to increased oil production as well as increasing demand from European importers for Ukrainian oil in Ukraine, especially since the war in Ukraine. Maxen Dewillers, Market Analyst, Agritel, Argus media company told about this during his speech at the online conference "Sunflower Seed And Oil: New Reality On Global Market".

In recent years, in EU countries there has been a certain dependence on the import of sunflower oil, and in particular on the import of Ukrainian sunflower oil, the share of which is about 80%.

But the start of the war in Ukraine forced EU countries to try to diversify imports of the product, due to reduced supply volumes of Ukrainian product. Thus, since March of this year there has been a significant increase in supplies of sunflower oil from the Russian Federation, apart from the preservation of imports from Moldova. In addition, the countries of the bloc have significantly increased the import of raw materials - sunflower seeds for further processing.

However, now the problem is that it is very difficult to replace Ukrainian sunflower oil with products of alternative origin.

Max Dewillers

Market Analyst, Agritel, Argus media company

In 2022/23, the increased demand for Sunflower seeds in den EU–Ländern durch die Tatsache, dass die Ölsaatproduktion in der Europäischen Union einen Rekordwert von 11,1 Millionen Tonnen erreichen kann, sowie die Einfuhr von Sonnenblumen – 1,3 Millionen Tonnen, hauptsächlich aus der Ukraine, bestehen bleiben, so der Experte. Als Ergebnis können auch die Verarbeitungsmengen von Sonnenblumen Rekordwerte von bis zu 10,4 Millionen Tonnen erreichen und etwa 20% der gesamten Ölverarbeitungsmenge in der EU ausmachen.

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