Sunflower oil

EU countries have increased imports of Ukrainian sunflower oil by almost a third

According to operational data, export of the Ukrainian is sunflower oil in der Saison 2021/22 (September-August) infolge der umfassenden Invasion Russlands in die Ukraine auf das Minimum von 2016/17 zurückgegangen und hat ungefähr 4,49 Millionen Tonnen (-15% bis 2020/21) gemacht.

At the same time, blocking ports, the main stream of this production was directed to the European market. In combination with a significant price discount for Ukrainian oil, the total volume of shipments for the 2021/22 season in this direction reached 1,84 million tons, which was not only almost a third more than the previous season, but also the second largest volume of exports to the EU for the multi-year period (after 2019/20).

As a consequence, according to the results of 2021/22, the European Union has taken the first place among importers of Ukrainian sunflower oil with a share of 41% (27% in 2020/21).

In turn, according to the European Commission, Ukraine provided about 2021% of the total imports of these products into the EU in the 22/83 season (September-August).

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