The first deliveries of the Ukrainian Biomethane to Europe are being prepared

The regional gas company, Gals Agro and the Dutch company STX have signed a memorandum on the Zusasigned with the aim of being the first BioSelling methane in Ukraine to Europe.

The companies have reached an agreement to sell Bioto promote methane via a so-called virtual marketplace (VTP). This will make it possible to sell gas that has been physically injected into Ukraine's gas distribution networks to Europe. Now all the necessary documents are being prepared and procedures are being carried out to carry out the first transactions on the European market

It is also noted that the regional gas company has already started work on connecting production facilities of Gals Agro company to gas distribution networks in the Chernigov region. This company will be the first Biobe a methane plant in Ukraine that will be connected to gas networks and Biomethane is sold to Europe.

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