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The harvest of sunflowers in Kazakhstan can be more than 1 million tons

According to the National Association of Oilseed Processors, the gross collection of Sunflower seeds in 2022/23 with favorable weather conditions during the harvest season will be about 1,1 million tons.

A preliminary estimate of the gross collection of sunflower seeds is made taking into account the actual average monthly rainfall, cultivated areas, average annual yield (excluding dry seasons), as well as monitoring data.

However, this volume is not sufficient to cover internal needs. To date, sunflower processing capacities are more than 3 million tons versus the expected 1,1 million tons of seeds. So, in the new 2022/23 oil processing plants again faced with shortages, as demand is more than 3 times higher than supply. Here the import from Russia will help us to a certain extent. However, the relevant ministries must take into account the situation on the world market, especially in Ukraine, which is a leader in the production of sunflower seeds, where there are great risks of not receiving a harvest due to the ongoing military situation.

Added to this is the drought in Europe, which has also revised downwards the valuation of the oilseed crop, as well as the reduction in olive oil production (from 10 to 11% according to preliminary estimates). In this situation, it is necessary to minimize possible risks and take measures to curb the export of raw materials.

Yadıkar Ibrahimov

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Union of Oil Refiners of Kazakhstan

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