rapeseed field

The prospects for the canola crop in Canada in 2022/23 are deteriorating due to the drought

The rapeseed harvest in Canada in the current season could be below volumes previously expected by government officials and market operators while the gross wheat harvest is larger, Reuters reports.

So wird die Rapsernte 2022/23 laut den Analysten von Statistics Canada voraussichtlich bei 19,1 Millionen Tonnen liegen, was 39% über der vorherigen Saison liegt, aber der Prognose von Experten im August (19,5 Millionen Tonnen) unterlegen ist.

As indicated, the decline in the oil production outlook is due to the fact that there were dry weather conditions in western Canada last month.

At the same time, the wheat production in Canada for 2022/23 forecast by Statistics Canada at 34,7 million tonnes, up from the August estimate (34,6 million tonnes) and 57% of the previous result.

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