sunflower field

Strategie Grains analysts have significantly lowered their forecast for the EU sunflower harvest

In September, due to the drought, analysts at Strategie Grains revised the forecast for the production of Sunflower seeds and Soybean in the EU for the current year has been reduced while the forecast for the rapeseed crop has been raised, reports Successful Farming.

In particular, experts have reduced the forecast for the production of sunflower in the countries of the bloc by almost 1,2 million tons to 9,17 million tons, which is 11,3% below last year's result.

According to a preliminary forecast, the EU analysts have lowered the forecast for soybean production to 2,49 million tons compared to 2,78 million tons, which is 7,3 percent below the previous year's result.

The severe drought in recent weeks has significantly reduced the harvest potential of these two crops in major producing countries, as reported by Strategie Grains analysts.

In turn, the prognosis for the canola production in the countries of the Strategy Grains block increased to 19,15 million tons, compared to 18,47 million tons, which is 12,7% above the 2021 result according to a preliminary forecast.

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