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Germany has increased rapeseed cultivation

In autumn 2022, farmers in Germany winter oilseed rape sown on 1,2 million hectares of arable land by harvest time 2023.

According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the area under winter rape is 81,9 thousand hectares (+7,6%) larger than the area under cultivation in 2022.

“Cultivation of canola has recently become more attractive for agriculture, especially due to higher market prices due to the very poor crop in Canada and the war in Ukraine. In addition, the yield of winter oilseed rape in the 2022 season is high in many regions despite hot periods and drought,” the authority states.

It is also noted that 5 million hectares for the 2023 harvest with Wheat were sown. The area under cultivation has practically not changed compared to the area under cultivation in 2022 (+0,2% or +11,9 thousand hectares). Winter cereals include winter wheat, Barley, Rye and Triticale.

The area under winter wheat, the most important cereal crop in Germany, is 2,8 million hectares, which is 55,6 thousand hectares or 1,9% less than in 2022.

It is assumed that the area under rye and mixed winter will increase by 4,3% (+25,0 thousand hectares) to 612,9 thousand hectares. Triticale was sown on 304,9 thousand hectares, which is 5,9% less (-19,3 thousand hectares). In the processing of winter barley, the area under cultivation increased by 5,1% (+61,8 thousand hectares) to 1,3 million hectares.

Source: UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

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