Germany reduced the export of rapeseed meal in 2021/22

The country has 2021 million between July 2022 and May 1,5 Tonnen rapeseed meal exported, which is inferior to the result in the same period last season by 22% and is the minimum value for the last 3 years, so Biofuels International.

The main product was exported to the EU block countries (1,45 million tons), and the largest volume was shipped to the Netherlands (660 thousand tons).

Overall, however, product exports have fallen this year towards the Netherlands (about 30% per year), Spain (-56%) and France (-60%). At the same time, Denmark significantly increased scrap imports from Germany by almost half to 193.000 tons and Switzerland to 70.000 tons (+ 82% per year).

It is also stated that the production of rapeseed meal in Germany fell significantly by 5,5% to 4,8 million tons in the reporting period, which also limited the export potential of the scrap.

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