The state of agricultural crops in France continues to deteriorate

According to the FranceAgriMer monitoring, on June 6th 66% of the winter wheat plants in France were in good and excellent condition compared to 67% the week before and 81% on the same date last year, which is still well below last year's value (81%).

The share of Durum wheat (Durum) in good and excellent condition has also been reduced – from 65% to 64% the week before (previous year: 70%), Winter barley from 65% to 64% (previous year: 76%), spring barley from 54% to 53% (previous year: 86%) and Corn from 90% to 88% (previous year: 90%).

The experts point out that the rainfall that has been fixed in recent days and lower air temperatures should improve the sowing of winter seeds after the dry spring.

In addition, for the third time, analysts at FranceAgriMer have lowered the forecast for French wheat exports outside the EU in 2021/22 - to 9,25 million tons from the 9,1 million tons forecast in May. The adjustment is due to high grain prices as a result of the war in Ukraine, which is curbing international demand.

At the same time, experts predict high demand for EU wheat in the 2022/23 season as the availability of Ukrainian wheat is still uncertain.

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