The fall in the wheat harvest in Romania is estimated at almost 20 percent

According to the Ministry of Agriculture in Romania, the country has started the harvest campaign Wheat completed, the results of which show that the grain harvest um 15-18% im Vergleich zum Vorjahreswert (1,3 Millionen Tonnen) gesunken ist, berichtet Reuters.

As already mentioned, the wheat crops in Romania suffered, as well as other crops, including Corn and Sunflowers, unter einer starken Dürre. So wurde der Tod von Pflanzen oder eine signifikante Verschlechterung ihres Zustandes auf 284,3 Tausend Hektar der insgesamt 7 Millionen Hektar aufgezeichnet.

Recall that previously the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture reported that domestic wheat production in the country will be sufficient for domestic consumption, it is estimated at 2,5-3 million tons per year, and grain exports will be secured.

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