Corn field

The corn of the first harvest in Brazil still has less than 15 percent of the area to be sown

On December 24th, 86% of the planned areas (+4% per week) were included according to the Confrom monitoring Corn sown in the first crop in Brazil, which is inferior to the result of the previous year (88%).

In the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Goias, Maranhão, Piaui and Bahia it is found that the sowing of Grain crop continues and recent rains have improved conditions for corn-growing.

In addition, the soybean seed in Brazil carried out on 98% of the planned areas at this time (+1% per week). Irregular rainfall has hampered sowing in Rio Grande do Sul, and a lack of moisture has also been noted in Mato Gros do Sul. Most grain plantations in Parana and Goias are generally in good condition, while oilseed harvesting has already started in some parts of the state of Mato Grosso.

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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