Export of Ukrainian barley in 2022/23 exceeded 1 million tons

As the operational data of the State Customs Service shows, Ukraine has 2022 million as of the beginning of 23/11,851 Tonnen Grains and Legumes exported, including 3,159 million tons in October. Reports the press service of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine.

It notes that the reported figure for the same period of the previous season was 17,795 million tons, of which 3,432 million tons were shipped in October.

On average, the crops have been exported since the beginning of the current season:

  • Wheat – 4,491 million tons (2021/22 – 11,529 million tons);
  • Barley – 1,017 tons (4,207 million tons);
  • Rye – 6,2 thousand tons (54,4 thousand tons);
  • Corn – 6,299 million tons (1,54 million tons).

As of October 24, the total export of Ukrainian flour was 32,9 thousand tons (previously 41,5 thousand tons), inclusive Wheat – 30,2 thousand tons (38,9 thousand tons).

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