Export of Ukrainian corn according to the results of 2021/22 was 27 million tons

According to the results of 2021/22, exports of Corn from Ukraine to 27 million Tonnen, which is 13% higher than the result of the 2020/21 season (23,9 million tons). Furthermore, this result was the third after the peak in 2018/19 (nearly 30 million tonnes). Record-breaking monthly shipments were recorded in November, December, February, August and September last season. In addition, December 2021 saw a record amount of monthly Corn delivered for the entire observation period.

At the end of the past season were China, which imported 6 million tons (-29% by 2020/21), Spain, which bought almost 3,1 million tons of corn (+11%), and Romania, with an import volume of 2,5 million tons against 379,7 tons in the 2020/21 season, the main importers of Ukrainian Grains.

Analysts estimate that with the further continuation of the “cereal corridor”, exports of corn from Ukraine in 2022/23 will increase to 24 million tons (-11% to the estimate of the 2021/22 season). In a pessimistic scenario, the delivery of Ukrainian Grains on the foreign market will be only 14,4 million tons, which is 2021% inferior in 22/47 (27,0 million tons).

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