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Export of sunflower seeds from Kazakhstan in October was the lowest in the last 5 seasons

In October 2022, Kazakhstan exported 5,7 thousand Tonnen Sunflower seeds. This is the lowest value in the last 5 seasons. Such data are cited by the Grain Union of Kazakhstan, citing the Committee on State Expenses of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For comparison: in October 2021, 6,8 thousand tons of sunflowers were exported from Kazakhstan, in October 2020 - 33,3 thousand tons, in the same period in 2019 - 36,2 thousand tons, in 2018 - 14 thousand tons.

In September 2022, this figure was 9,9 thousand tons.

At the same time, deliveries of crude sunflower oil to foreign markets have increased significantly - in October this year 12,1 thousand tons of these products were exported, in September this year 21,4 thousand tons (compared to 8 thousand tons and 4,3 thousand tons a year 2021).

As reported, Kazakhstan has set an export duty on sunflower seeds in the amount of 20% of the price of the raw material, but not less than 100 EUR pros Tonne.

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