Export of sunflowers from Kazakhstan in 2021/22 was at a record low

According to the Bureau of National Statistics of the Kazakh Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms, exports of Sunflower seeds from Kazakhstan to 2021 after the 22/224.000 season Tonnen, which is a record low in the last 6 seasons. The introduction of quotas for foreign deliveries had a significant impact on exports in the current season.

The main importer of Kazakh sunflowers in 2021/22 became China, increasing the volume of purchases to 126,4 thousand tons (+22% compared to the previous season). The second position in the ranking of importers of Kazakh Oilseeds was captured by Uzbekistan, which reduced deliveries during the period by 31% (up to 83 thousand tons). Turkey ranked third among importers of sunflowers from Kazakhstan with a volume of 5,7 thousand tons, down 69% from the 2020/21 season.

According to forecasts, the export of sunflowers from the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2022/23 could increase to 280.000 tons (+25% compared to the same period last year), despite major logistical problems (lack of wagons, ban on accepting applications in the direction of China, low speed of movement, etc.). Also, the introduction of an export tax on sunflower seeds, which is currently being considered, may make adjustments to the oil grade estimates.

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