The export of sunflowers from Ukraine in 2021/22 has already peaked in more than 20 seasons

According to operational data, the export of Sunflowers from Ukraine in May reached a multi-year monthly maximum, 352 thousand Tonnen, which is three times more than in April and exceeds oil exports in the reporting month by 89%.

The significant burden on logistics and the queues at the western crossings lasting several weeks significantly increase the delivery times of raw materials for end customers and slow down the pace of delivery Sunflowers out of the country easily. But despite the logistical difficulties, export rates in June are only growing and after almost 3 weeks they already amounted to about 365 thousand tons.

In total, since the beginning of the current season (September 1-June 20), almost 895 thousand tons of oil have been exported from Ukraine, which is 10 times more in the 2020 months of the marketing year 21/5 and for the industry in more than 20 years became a record.

It is worth noting that the approach to a new rapeseed crop in Europe and Ukraine so far only puts pressure on the cost of Ukrainian sunflower, and the possible decrease in export volume is likely to be observed no earlier than July.

Given the current circumstances, analysts have raised the export forecast for Ukrainian sunflowers to 2021 million tons in marketing year 22/1,3, which will be 7 times the previous season and may become a historic high for the country.

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