Grain exports from Ukraine in July exceeded 1 million tons

As of early 2022/23 to July 1, Ukraine has 1,082 million tons Grains and Legumes exported. I reported about it to the press service of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine.

As it is noted, the specified figure on the similar date of the previous season was 1,787 million tons.

On average, the crops have been exported since the beginning of the current season:

  • Wheat – 222 thousand tons (in 2021/22 – 424 thousand tons);
  • Barley – 88 thousand tons (453 thousand tons);
  • Corn – 766 thousand tons (895 thousand tons).

On July 25, it was estimated at 2,8 thousand tons (the previous season - 9,1 thousand tons), including wheat - 2,4 thousand tons (9 thousand tons).

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