The pace of barley exports from the EU has lagged far behind last year

In den vierundzwanzig Wochen der laufenden Saison haben die EU-Länder 2,8 Millionen Tonnen Barley exported. Exports in the same period amounted to 4,7 million tons last season, and 2020 million tons in the 21/3,6 season.

The largest exporters of barley among EU countries in the current season were France (1,1 million tons), Romania (0,8 million tons) and Germany (0,7 million tons).

The main export destinations for European barley are: Saudi Arabia (1,0 million tons), China (0,4 million tons), Iran (0,3 million tons), Jordan (0,3 million tons) and Tunisia (0,2. XNUMX million tons).

EU countries are exporting 6,3 million tons of barley this season, which is 0,4 million tons less than last season and 1,0 million tons below the average of the last five seasons, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Source: UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

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