Canada's Department of Agriculture has cut forecasts for the country's wheat harvest by almost 1 million tonnes

In December, the Canadian Department of Agriculture and Food Industry (AAFC) released the forecast for the wheat production of the country in 2022/23 by 0,9 million Tonnen per month reduced to 33,8 million tons. Nevertheless, the expected harvest is still above the previous year's value (22,3 million tons).

The forecasts for the domestic consumption of Grains were also reduced – by 100.000 tons per month, to 8,9 million tons (-0,7 million tons per year), its exports by 200.000 tons, to 23,7 million tons (+ 8,6 million tons per year) and ending stocks by 1 million tons, to 5 million tons (+ 1,3 million tons per year).

At the same time, the prognosis for the barley production increased by 0,6 million tons per month – to 10 million tons (+ 3 million tons per year). Grain consumption forecast was kept at 6 (+1,2) million tons, export increased by 200 thousand tons to 3,7 (+1,1) million tons, and stock by 300 thousand tons to 0 ( +9) million tons increased.

The prognosis for the corn production was reduced by 400 thousand tons – to 14,5 (+ 0,5) million tons.

Regarding oil crops, the forecast for the production of Canadian Rapeseeds in 2022/23 by 0,9 million tons per month to 18,2 million tons (+ 4,4 million tons per year) and the forecast for its exports by 0,7 million tons to 8,6 million tons (+ 3,3 million tons per year). The prognosis for the soybean production is 6,5 million tons, exports is 4,4 million tons, which is in line with the results of 2021/22.

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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