Corn field

The French Ministry of Agriculture has again lowered its forecast for corn production in the country

The French Ministry of Agriculture has released the forecast for the corn production 2022/23 revised downwards again and by 1,1 million compared to the preliminary estimate Tonnen reduced to 11,3 million tonnes. Note that the stated figure of 3,9 million tons is inferior to the previous season's harvest.

At the same time, the forecast for the production of Soft wheat increased slightly by 0,2 million tons per month to 34,1 million tons (previous year 35,4 million tons were collected). The estimate for the durum wheat harvest remains unchanged at 1,4 (1,6) million tons.

In relation to other cultures, the prognosis for the barley production in France in the current season to 11,4 million tons (2021/22 to 11,5 million tons), Triticale to 1,6 (1,8) million tons, Rapeseeds to 4,5 (3,3) million tons, Sunflowers to 1,9 million tonnes (unchanged for the year), Soybean voiced at 413 (439) thousand tons.

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