Coceral has significantly lowered its forecast for total grain production in the EU

The experts of the grain trade association Coceral have the overall forecast for the grain production in der EU und Großbritannien im Jahr 2022/23 um 21,1 Millionen Tonnen im Vergleich zum Vorjahreswert im Mai auf 264,6 Millionen Tonnen (-23,2 Millionen Tonnen pro Jahr) gesenkt.

Due to the hot and dry weather during pollination, especially in Hungary, Romania, France, Italy and Germany, the forecast for maize production was significantly reduced by 14,1 million tons to 51,9 million tons (2021/22 was 70,2 million tons harvested). At the same time it is expected that Poland more than 7 million tons Corn will collect and will become the third largest maize producer in the EU after France and Romania.

Also the estimate of the harvest of Soft wheat wurde um 1,8 Millionen Tonnen auf 125,6 Millionen Tonnen (-3,8 Millionen Tonnen pro Jahr) und von Durum wheat um 0,5 Millionen Tonnen auf 7,2 Millionen Tonnen (-0,6) reduziert.

The forecast for the gross coverage of Barley was increased by 0,7 million tons to 52,4 million tons (almost equal to the level of the previous season – 52,1 million tons), Rye to 7,8 (-0,6; -0,2) million tons, Oats to 7,5 (-1; -0,1) million tons, Sorghum revised to 0,96 (-2,2; -0,2) million tonnes.

In addition, the overall forecast for EU oil production in 2022/23 is reduced by 0,9 million tonnes to 31,3 million, inclusive Sunflower seeds by 1,7 million tons to 9 million tons, Soybean by 0,4 million tons to 2,8 million tons. At the same time, the prognosis for the rapeseed harvest increased by 1,1 million tons to 19,5 million tons (+ 2,1 million tons per year).

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