China has reduced its grain imports by almost 40 percent since the start of the season

The Oil World experts estimate that the import of basic grains (Wheat, Corn, Millet, Barley and Rice) in China since the start of the current season (July-September) has reached 11,55 million tons, down 2021% from the corresponding period in 22/37 (a record 18,41 million tons).

For example, in September, 3,67 million tons Grains imported (2021 million tons in September 6,70), of which corn 1,53 million tons (3,53), sorghum 0,92 million tons (0,65), wheat 0,36 million tons (0,64), barley 0,36 million tons (1,51), rice 0,49 million tons (0,38).

It is noted that China is restricting the import of grain from the USA has significantly reduced, and in September this year this value was 1,89 million tons compared to 3,83 million tons the year before. That's how they have it USA Since the beginning of the season, 6,18 million tons have been supplied to the Chinese market, compared to 10,95 million tons in July and September 2021, of which corn is 4,82 million tons.

At the same time, imports of grain from Australia have almost doubled since the beginning of the year – to 2,16 million tons, of which wheat – 1,53 million tons, sorghum – 0,63 million tons

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