Brazil will reduce soy exports and increase soy meal supplies in September

ANEC schätzt, dass Brasilien im September 3,92 Millionen Tonnen Soybean exported, down 1,15 million tons from the previous month's result and down 0,79 million tons by September 2021.

At the same time, the shipment of soybean meal is expected to increase to 2,05 million tons (1,69 million tons shipped in August; 1,46 million tons in September 2021).

It is reported that in the country's ports 1,15 million tons of soybeans were prepared for shipment in the period from September 4 to 10 (a week earlier 1,04 million tons were sent) and 601 (389) thousand tons of soybean meal .

With regard Grains can they corn exports reach 6,31 million tons in September, totaling the result of the previous month (6,90 million tons) and compared to the previous month 2021 significantly above the level of 2,55 million tons.

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