Brazil can export more than 6 million tons of corn in July

Nach den Prognosen der Experten der Nationalen Vereinigung der Getreideexporteure Anec kann Brasilien im Juli 6,3 Millionen Tonnen Corn for export, exceeding the result in June (1,68 million tons) and 2 times the level of July 2021 (3 million tons).

Experts also assume export of Soybean from Brazil this month at about 8 million tons, same as July 2021 level, but down 2 million tons from June DJ result (10,15 million tons).

Soybean meal shipments could total 2,21 million tons (1,74 million tons in July 2021).

From June 26 to July 2 in the Brazilian ports for shipment was prepared 917,3 thousand tons of corn, while last week amounted to 514,1 thousand tons, soybean – 2,38 (2,33) million tons of soybean meal soybean – 550,6 (353,4) thousand tons.

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