Brazil can export more than 6 million tons of corn in August

According to ANEC analysts' forecasts, Brazil could reach up to 6,22 million in August Tonnen Corn export, which is 11% higher than in the previous month (5,62 million tons) and 48% higher in August 2021 (4,19 million tons).

At the same time, experts do not rule out the possibility of an increase in the volume of exports in the specified month to 7,2 million tons.

It is noted that 1,66 million tons Corn will be prepared at the country's ports for shipment between July 31 and August 6, with 1,42 million tons delivered last week.

Brazil is expected to have up to 5,1 million tonnes in August Soybean (7,1 million tons in the previous month; 5,8 million tons in August 2021) and 1,6 (2; 1,3) million tons of soybean meal to foreign markets.

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