Brazil has completed the corn harvest

According to Confrom monitoring, the crop of Corn 2021/22 in Brazil was completed and the 2022/23 crop was on 19% of the plan area (+9% per week; 16% last year).

In addition, in the country 19% of the planned areas are harvested (+5% per week; 11% in the previous year) – 2022/23 will be the wheat harvest harvested. The state of sowing the unharvested part of the grain in Parana is good but yields are lower than expected.

Recall that the sowing of Soybean in Brazil on 2% of the sown areas. Fieldwork in the states of Mato Grosso and Paraná is ahead of last year's results thanks to recent rains that have replenished soil moisture reserves. At the same time, field work in Mato Gros do Sul is hampered by low temperatures.

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