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By the end of this year, almost 49 million tons of grain will be harvested in Ukraine

From the end of December were Grain crop- and Legumes in Ukraine ground by 10,6 million hectares, which accounts for 92% of the planned areas, from which 48,8 million tons of grain were collected with an average yield of 46,1 hundredweight/hectare, reports the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

As reported, the late group crops are still being harvested:

  • Corn is milled on 3,3 million hectares (78%), 21,4 million tons milled (yield: 64,6 hundredweight/hectare);
  • Buckwheat is ground on 116 thousand hectares (98%), 158,5 thousand tons (13,7 hundredweight/hectare) ground;
  • Millet was ground on 44,7 thousand hectares (99%), 101,8 thousand tons (22,8 hundredweight/hectare) ground.

“The Harvest of Sunflowers is carried out on 4,8 million hectares (99%) of which 10,5 million tons of seeds are ground with a yield of 21,7 hundredweight/hectare. 3,7 million tons with a yield of 24,3 centners/hectare Soybeans crushed, the harvested area is 1,52 million hectares (99%),” the statement reads.

With a yield of 501 hundredweight/hectare, 9 million tons of sugar beet were accumulated. In total, beets were dug up on an area of ​​180 thousand ha (100%).

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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