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Australia may harvest almost record-breaking grain crop in 2022/23

Australia can expect a near record harvest in 2022/23 Grains are harvesting, although production could fall due to heavy rainfall in some regions, Grain Central reports.

So, Rabobank analysts predict that grain production in Australia in the current season can reach 61,9 million tons (-1% per year), which is 41% above the average of the last 5 years. In particular, the wheat harvest reach 35,5 million tons (-2% per year), Barley 14,8 million tons (+ 7% per year) and Rapeseeds 7,2 million tons (+ 7% per year).

As previously mentioned, record-breaking grain harvests are expected in the states of Western and Southern Australia. Production in Western Australia may be 23,47 million tonnes (+2% per year) and in South Australia 10,7 million tonnes (+1% on the 2016/17 record).

Conversely, grain production is expected to fall in the states of Victoria and Queensland due to heavy rainfall and flooding.

In addition, Australia's export potential after the 2022/23 harvest will exceed the official estimate of national exports in 2021, which according to Rabobank experts is 47,5 million tonnes.

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