Australia is overflowing with wheat after a heavy harvest

Australian commodities trading firm GrainCorp says rail and car shortages are hampering exports as China and other international customers scramble to secure food supplies, and Australian farmers are reaping one of the longest, biggest harvests in the country, afr reports.

The East Coast grain processing giant expects continued high prices and strong demand for Australian Wheat, Barley and Rapeseeds given the problems of global food security caused by Russia's war against Ukraine.

As of Wednesday, GrainCorp has the limit of 10 million Tonnen Grains exceeded delivered to its large receiving network in Queensland, New Wales and Victoria.

CBH Group, a West Coast competitor to GrainCorp, is expected to break its record of 21,3 million tonnes on Thursday Grains break.

Source: UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)

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