Due to the low demand in Ukraine, the genetically modified soy continues to lose value

Over the past week in all regions of Ukraine the price level in the segment of genetically modified Soybeans further developed in a downward trend.

The maintenance of the dynamics of price falls, as before, was largely explained by the presence of a large part of processing plants on formed oil reserves and, accordingly, the lack of an active interest in its procurement. The downward movements in the soybean segment in the export direction against the background of low trading activity had exerted additional pressure on prices. At the same time, a sharper reduction in prices allowed control of sales by landowners, who believed that the current demand prices were unacceptably low, and the continued high logistics costs.

So, prices demand for genetically modified soybeans last week fell by 6,4-32,2 €/tonne and from June 13th are mainly in the range of 354-434 €/ton.

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