Argentina lost the soybean meal export championship in September

World exports of Soy meal did not meet market operators' expectations and fell to 4,57 million in August Tonnen and in September to 4,62 million tons, for a total of 0,9 million tons, or 9% lower than the same period last year, according to Oil World experts.

In particular, Argentina, which is the world's largest exporter of scrap metal, exported 1,83 million tons of the product in August, compared to just 1,75 million tons in September (2021 million tons in September 2,67), making it the main supplier of scrap metal lost on the world market. Experts estimate that Brazil took first place in soybean meal exports in September with a volume of 1,92 million tons (previous year: 1,3 million tons).

Overall, however, global exports of soybean meal in 2021/22 (October-September) increased to 61,07 million tons, according to expert estimates, compared to 59,3 million tons in the previous season, of which Argentina accounted for 26,7 (28,4 .20,3) million tons, Brazil has exported 16,6 (XNUMX) million tons which USA 12,33 (12,41) million tons and Paraguay 1,74 (1,89) million tons.

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