corn harvest

Argentina can harvest up to 2022 million tons of corn in 23/55

Analysts at the Rosario Grain Exchange have released the first forecasts for corn and soybean production in Argentina in 2022/23, Reuters reports.

In particular, experts predict that the corn harvest in the country at 55 million Tonnen liegt, während die Schätzung der Anbauflächen unter Grains um 4,7% auf 8 Millionen Hektar has been reduced.

The production of Soybeans is expected to reach 47 million tons, and the forecast for the area under oilseeds is increased by 700 thousand hectares (+ 4,3% per year) to 16,8 million hectares.

Also in their report, the analysts of the Rosario Stock Exchange have forecast for the wheat production Held at 2022 million tonnes in 23/17,7.

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