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Angola has announced plans to produce more than 6 million tons of grain by 2027

On Monday December 12th, the Government of Angola approved an action plan for the PLANAGRAN program with ten areas that will enable the implementation of a large-scale internal grain production program.

Angola wants more than six million tons by 2027 Grain crop produce and forecasts an average annual investment of US$670 million (€629 million) in the production of Wheat, Rice, Soybeans and Corn, announced the government of Angola.

The PLANAGRAN action plan was approved at the second ordinary session of the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers, chaired by the President of the Republic, Juan Lorenzo. The program aims to ensure the country's food security, generate income for farmers and promote competitiveness in order to make Angola the largest grain producer in the southern region of Africa in the medium term.

In addition to investment in production, an additional $471 million annually will be allocated for the construction and restoration of grain sector support infrastructure, including the delineation of two million hectares, drainage and access roads to production areas.

In 2021, Angola produced more than three million tons of grain, by 2027 the production is expected to reach five million tons of grain, to which another million tons of grain from individual legumes are to be added, according to Angola's Ministry of Economy and Planning.

Implementation of Angola's grain plan will begin from the first quarter of 2023, attracting public and private funds.

Source: AgroXXI (Russian)

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