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Wheat prices have risen on world stock exchanges

On the European exchange Euronext on July 20, wheat prices continued to strengthen and amounted to 340 (+3) €/ton.

Support prices has been expected to remain high in European demand Wheat on the world market in 2022/23, especially in Africa, due to the lack of proposals of wheat in some countries.

In particular, wheat exports from the European Union in the new season could reach the second highest value in the history of USDA analysts - 35,5 million tons (+6 million tons per year).

In addition, support prices caused a lack of snowfall in the countries of the bloc, which had a negative impact on the condition of the crops Grains.

According to the results of trading on July 20 on the stock exchange SWOT futures of wheat also increased – to $301,1 (+$2,7) per ton.

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