From the end of August, around 30 percent of the area in Ukraine was affected by drought

Since the end of August (according to expert estimates and actually determined reserves of productive moisture), about 30% of the areas have been covered by soil drought, more than in the previous year. Almost constantly high (24-29 °C), which was 3-5 °C above the average perennial values, was the soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm in most parts of the territory.

In the third decade of August, due to the lack of precipitation, the soil moisture replenishment did not occur, the soil on the areas earmarked for sowing the winter crop of 2023 was mostly slightly moist, in many areas of the eastern and southern regions it was very dry.

It is noted that conditions atypical for the end of August were in the western regions, where high air temperatures and high soil temperatures, uncharacteristic of this region and season, were observed both on the surface and in the depths.

The sowing of winter oilseed rape, whose climatic conditions expire in the first decade of September, took place in rather difficult conditions and sometimes stopped due to the drought of the soil. The moistening of the arable layer of the soil was satisfactory only on small areas in the western and northern areas.

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