Our company sells various types of flour such as type 405, 550, 812 and 1050 in large and small quantities. Delivery is made to European countries and around the world. Our flour is shipped in bags and delivery is by road and rail. On the product pages you can find out the current prices for flour and send an inquiry for more details on the terms of payment and delivery of flour. You also have the option of using WhatsApp Messenger.

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From Origins to Price Dynamics: The World of Flour Revealed

Flour is one of the most important ingredients in the world of baking and cooking. We use it to make bread, cakes, pastries and much more. But have you ever thought about the origins of flour and how it has evolved over time? Flour has a fascinating history, and understanding how it has changed over the years can help us better appreciate its importance in our lives. In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the world of flour, from its origins to the pricing dynamics that drive today's market. We'll explore how flour is made, what different types of flour there are, and what role it plays in the global economy. Whether you are a professional baker or just enjoy cooking, come join us and discover the fascinating world of flour.

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