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The European Commission has allowed Poland to give 1 billion euros to farmers affected by imports from Ukraine

The European Commission has a Polish program to support agricultural producers worth around 1 billion Euro (4,7 billion zloty) approved in Russia's war against Ukraine.

"The aim of the event is to support agricultural producers who are currently facing liquidity shortages due to the rising costs of mineral fertilizers and the lack of stability in the agricultural market caused by the current crisis," the EU Commission said in a statement.

The Commission found that the Polish scheme meets the conditions set out in the Preliminary Crisis and Transition Programme. In particular, the aid will not exceed 250 thousand euros per beneficiary and will be granted no later than December 31, 2023.

The Commission concluded that the Polish scheme is necessary, appropriate and proportionate to remedy serious disruptions in an EU Member State's economy.

As reported, since May 2, the EU Commission imposed a temporary ban on the export of four agricultural products from Ukraine – Wheat, Corn, Rapeseeds and Sunflowers – imposed in five EU countries. This restriction is set as an exception and will be valid until June 5, 2023, but the validity period can be extended.

At the same time, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia pledged to lift their unilateral measures banning imports of agro-industrial products from Ukraine.

This decision was one of the prerequisites for extending the benefits for Ukrainian exports to the EU for another year.

Source: Ukragroconsult (Ukraine)

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