Europe will extend import ban on Ukrainian grain and oilseeds

Hungarian Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy said that his countryusaomen with some other European regions with an extension of the import ban on Ukrainian Grains and Oilseeds (Wheat, Corn, Sunflowers and Rapeseeds) by the end of this year: While these restrictions will only last until June 5th.

"We are currently awaiting the EU Commission's proposal to maintain the current EU regime after June 5," the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement published on the agency's website.

According to Nadia, the situation in the agricultural markets of Central Europe will not normalize in the next few weeks, since the tanks are still filled with Ukrainian raw materials. The sale of grain and oil at dumping prices has already caused serious damage to local farmers, the minister said.

In early May, five European countries (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia) imposed a ban on the import of Ukrainian grain and oilseeds into their territory, leaving only transit permits for these products. Previously, Moldova also wanted to join these countries, but Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Bolya said that "this decision would bring zero results."

EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski had previously indicated that the European Union is likely to agree to an extension of the regulation banning free trade in wheat, maize, rapeseed and sunflowers from Ukraine after June 5.

Source: oleoscope (Russian)

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