COCERAL has denied rumors about the delivery of substandard-quality Ukrainian grain to the EU

The European grain association COCERAL has heard rumors about alleged deliveries of Grains of inappropriate quality from Ukraine returned to the EU. I reported about it a press-service of the Ukrainian Grain Union.

As recalled in the Ukrainian Grain Association, in some neighboring countries that have banned the import of Ukrainian grain, rumors have spread that allegedly a poor quality grain contaminated with mycotoxins or even contaminated with radiation was imported from Ukraine.

At the same time, COCERAL noted that its members, who sell agricultural raw materials for the supply of food and feed, as well as for technical and energy applications, pay close attention to the fact that, when supplying goods, the goods come from the EU member states or are imported to meet the high safety standards of the EU. As COCERAL states, the members of the association take full responsibility for adhering to these standards.

«All goods from all sources are screened and our members reject any goods that could potentially have a negative impact on human or animal health. This rigorous process is part of the daily practice of COCERAL traders as part of their responsibility for assessment and risk management," COCERAL said in a statement.

"The Grain Union of Ukraine considers it necessary to emphasize that when exporting grain from Ukraine, it is carefully checked by both state bodies and surveyor companies," she added to the Grain Union of Ukraine.

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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