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Azerbaijan increased wheat imports from Russia and Kazakhstan in the first quarter of this year

Azerbaijan started importing in January-March this year Wheat from Russia and Kazakhstan increased, reports Interfax-Azerbaijan, citing data from the State Statistics Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Thus, according to statistics, the volume of wheat deliveries from the Russian Federation has increased three times - to 3 thousand tons. In total, Russia shipped $233,17 million worth of wheat to Azerbaijan in January-March (66,466 times growth). So became a ton of Russian wheats delivered to Azerbaijan at a cost of $284,84.

Shipments from Kazakhstan in the specified period amounted to 122,84 thousand tons (1,7 times growth) worth $42,294 million (1,8 times growth). On average, a ton cost Kazakh wheats Azerbaijan $344,3.

Overall, Russia's share accounted for 65,5% of wheat imports in Azerbaijan and 34,5% in Kazakhstan in the specified period.

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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